February 20, 2016

San Diego Comic Con Stilt Walkers

San Diego Comic Con Stilt Walkers

It is that time of year again - Comic Con has started selling tickets and the studios are starting to put together their plans for promoting the latest movies, tv shows, and video games.

Last year we had the opportunity to work for the Syfy Network to promote Sharknado 3.
San Diego Comic Con stilt walkers
San Diego Stilt Walkers - Custom made Uncle Sam costumes with Sharks.
Our costume designers were challenged to create a stilt walking Uncle Sam being attacked by  a shark - x4.

This was extremely challenging considering the stilt walkers were working 3 days doing 8 hours a day. That alone is a huge challenge to find stilt walkers that are skilled and professional enough to endure the long hours. The costumes had to be comfortable and light weight. Not to mention Comic Con crowds are INSANE! Our stilters walked through the crowds up, down, around, and through the San Diego Historic Gaslamp District. 

San Diego Stilt Walkers moving through the crowds at ComicCon

Before you hire a stilt walker - 

verify that they are professional, experienced and insured!

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